Jimmy Levy

Helping people make a home and build wealth through real estate is very satisfying. This process can be daunting and I pride myself on the ability to make it as smooth as possible. I also get to be a trusted guide and that is an amazing feeling which is it’s own reward.

Of course working in this industry in Colorado is amazing. I love the mountains as the backdrop to our lives, the seasons, the night life.  All the neighborhoods keep becoming more and more lively from Rino to Baker to Tennyson you can always find a place to take a walk or have a drink!

In my time away from helping his clients, I enjoys cheering for the Broncos, playing kickball with the Pirates (you’re never too old!), or sipping a Manhattan on the Thin Man patio with friends. If you catch me on the right day, you just might catch me breakdancing or performing improv comedy. Regardless of the activity, I will be enjoying it with people I hold dear and would love to be part of your community!